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Intelligent automation for adaptive production

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With our ActiveDB, we demonstrate the power of digital twin technology in Industry 4.0.

In cooperation with B&R, we present an AR demo that visualizes real-time data from a machine that throws a golf ball and catches it in a complex controlled ring. Eight motors control ropes that are attached to the ring. This creates precise control of the ring in real time.


After reading the article, you’ll know:

  • How ActiveDB builds a bridge between the real world and the metaverse
  • What added value ActiveDB offers you as an operating system for the digital twin
  • How ActiveDB monetizes the digital twin


Use of ActiveDB for real-time product tracking

Real-time monitoring of the engine control and other parameters takes place in ActiveDB from bill-X. Our platform accompanies the process. From the development phase and data aggregation through to production and maintenance.

The seamless integration of ActiveDB as the operating system for the digital twin opens up the possibility of a real representation of the golf ball with the eight motors including the control system in a virtual environment – a bridge between the real world and the metaverse. A real-time visualization through an interface to augmented reality (Unity3D).

In addition, our ActiveDB offers the constant possibility of expanding and updating the digital twin throughout the entire cycle.

This concept offers you the possibility to visualize the precise representation of your real machine in a digital environment.

Open the door to digital transformation!

And benefit from more precise development, more efficient planning and simplified training!


Precise development and efficient planning

The digital twin in conjunction with our ActiveDB opens up new horizons as early as the development and planning phase. The ability to simulate machines and systems cost-effectively and without risks in a digital test environment enables rapid adjustments and optimizations.

This not only saves financial resources, but also minimizes risks that could occur during real tests. The flexibility offered by the digital twin in combination with our ActiveDB revolutionizes the development process and supports engineers in finding innovative solutions before physical prototypes are even built.

Already have a working system?



The ActiveDB & adaptability

ActiveDB is characterized by its ability to create generic living digital twins.
to create generic living digital twins. This means that companies do not have to start from scratch to develop a
develop a digital twin. Instead, ActiveDB provides pre-defined models and tools that can be customized to meet the company’s specific requirements. This significantly speeds up implementation and enables rapid adaptation to changing business requirements.

Worried that ActiveDB won’t integrate with your organization?



The ActiveDB & Standards

ActiveDB uses industry-accepted standards such as OPC UA (Unified Architecture) and AAS (Asset Administration Shell) to ensure interoperability. This means that digital twins created in ActiveDB can communicate seamlessly with other systems and platforms.
This is particularly important when companies
want to exchange digital twins across company boundaries or integrate them into existing infrastructures.


Use the scalability and flexibility of ActiveDB for yourself

ActiveDB is highly scalable and flexible. Companies can easily create new digital twins and expand existing ones as their requirements change. This allows them to keep pace with the development of new technologies and changing market conditions. The platform is also capable of processing and storing large volumes of data, which is crucial for companies with extensive Digital Twin portfolios.


Monetization and business models

A unique feature of ActiveDB is its ability to monetize Digital Twins. Companies can not only use their living digital twins for internal purposes, but also rent or sell them to partners or customers. This opens up completely new business models and revenue streams. With the integration of the OpenInformer system, companies can effectively bill and manage the use of their digital twins.



From concept to practical application to monetization, ActiveDB is at the heart of bringing living digital twins to life and helping companies take advantage of this advanced technology.

Be part of the digital transformation!

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