Whether production automation, energy management, master data management, Industry 4.0 or smart maintenance – there are no limits to the possible applications. ActiveDB can be used in so many different ways so that these are just a few examples. With ever new requirements, ActiveDB is continuously opening up new areas of application that even we would not have expected before. What will your project be with ActiveDB?

The innovative concept of ActiveDB combines the best features of NoSQL, graph databases and more. We can do things for which a graph database would be of no use – for example, time series, actions, message queues. This combines maximum capabilities with minimum error-proneness. Virtual or real elements such as machines, devices and products are understood as concrete objects that can be created via simple interfaces and individually equipped with reusable properties and functions. Living digital twins are created that can open up unbeatable advantages in a variety of processes.

Industry 4.0

Almost all companies today use IT systems to optimize the necessary internal processes. The ActiveDB digital ecosystem helps you to ensure that your company data is intelligently available to all systems. By using the Asset Administration Shell (AAS), ActiveDB brings the digital twin of a machine or product to life.
From the order to the entire lifecycle. With ActiveDB, existing, working systems can remain. Start with something small, like setting up and monitoring a single machine, or use ActiveDB to interface between ERP systems and production systems. Step by step, a digital image of your entire company is created. Your applications based on ActiveDB always use the same database, and all objects can be used generically.


While others stop at displaying and analyzing data when it comes to energy management, ActiveDB just gets started.
With logics for self-consumption optimization, peak load capping, emergency power supply, intelligent supply of charging infrastructure and many other applications, our partners build customized solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises. Benefit from a steadily growing number of digital twins for devices, interfaces and control systems. This includes the analysis of data to determine the power mix for machines, products and companies to optimize the use of green energy, or the presentation of the use of energy demanded by customers and clients. The presentation of the CO2 footprint for companies or sub-areas is also possible.


The success of smart/predictive maintenance applications is based on a structured generic and highly available database. Whether augmented reality or virtual reality, desktop or mobile device, app or browser application.
Each medium must be supported. A technician in Germany instructs a machine operator in China in English via desktop on how to remedy a malfunction. The machine operator can receive the instructions visually via augmented reality glasses and the instructions are translated simultaneously into Chinese. It’s all a question of a uniform unified database and a highly available software solution like ActiveDB.


The ActiveDB digital ecosystem enables partners to easily and meaningfully leverage AAS to create their own software solutions. ActiveDB provides the tools for a generic reusability and a convenient use of digital twins – from edge devices to multi-cloud solutions.
How does the digital twin work in industrial practice? Concrete examples from the fields of Global Impact, Smart Manufacturing and Asset Compatibility give you valuable insights.


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Daniel Kemme is responsible for building the product business at NFT digimates. The startup works with ActiveDB and provides exciting insights into the collaboration in the video.



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