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OpenInformer enables a holistic data collection and provides a fully comprehensive collection of your business model data, such as a global view of all services and your costs. By evaluating your ICT infrastructure and your IT projects, OpenInformer becomes the pivotal point of your sales.

Thanks to the modular structure of our 360° billing system, we can implement your individual requirements in the shortest possible time and flexibly integrate solutions into existing system architectures. There is no need to remove existing applications or install new ones. OpenInformer integrates into your current system and works like the missing cog. It closes gaps, speeds up processes and if you want, it improves your entire billing process. You decide what happens.

Our billing software has been convincing smaller companies for many years, as well as renowned clients and customers around the world. For bill-X, it doesn’t matter whether your company has five or 50,000 employees. We want to solve problems and help our partners to use digitalization with all its facets. Get in touch!

Mobility solutions

Our mobility vision: the connected car in which you can buy everything. Or rather, you can sell everything into it. What exactly “everything” is doesn’t matter to us, but we can charge for it in any case. Or link it together. Or both.
For example, in our “Parking and Charging” project, parking and electricity are provided by two suppliers. But consumers only pay for this package once. Cashless. Conveniently by invoice and at the end of the month. And if, contrary to expectations, that doesn’t happen, we can make sure that the barrier simply stays down next time. From the collection of raw data to billing, dunning and the subsequent processes, our software takes care of all the functions for you. Or just those of them for of which you don’t have a system in house yet.

Smart Infrastructure

We believe that lighting systems should be able to generate much more than just light. For example, valuable data that can be used entirely in line with a smart city concept.

That’s why we envision the lighting system of the future as a multifunctional unit that skillfully brings together the needs of consumers, cities and providers on a wide range of services. The detection of cars and pedestrians alone already makes it possible to control light intensity, make statements about traffic status and determine a concrete value for ad spaces. And all this in real time. The bill-X software is able to collect and manage all the relevant data and use it to control processes. No matter whether the lighting installations are new or from the 1970s, whether they belong to the city or to a lighting-as-a-service provider: With bill-X, there are no limits. Especially not when it comes to making a profit from the data you collect. To fully handle your data-based billing model, we are the ideal partner.


Which part of the overhead costs belongs to which cost center? With our powerful software OpenInformer you get the maximum cost center transparency with a minimum of effort. Benefit from our special flexibility in the area of IT cost allocation.
With OpenInformer you have the possibility to integrate all IT processes, e.g. in form of managed services, and to perform complex evaluations. In this way, you retain full cost control over your internal services, evaluate the profitability of purchases and sales, and incorporate newly gained insights into your product costing. Another advantage with bill-X: We alert you if the tariff specifications of your purchased services and the actual consumption data are too far apart. Does your department manager use a mobile tariff that fits his requirements? Are the software licenses you’ve purchased getting the most out of your employees? Does the monthly invoice of your suppliers match what has actually been incurred? OpenInformer has the answers for you. Fully automated.


No matter if you want to sell energy, data volume, data-based services, man days or if you want to charge a flat rate, by usage time or unit based. OpenInformer makes it possible.
The same applies, of course, if your offer consists of different internal or purchased services: OpenInformer combines all positions into one invoice for you and also manages the automatic billing of all services of your partners.


Bundling products or services into a complete solution that is attractive to end consumers sometimes presents companies with a major challenge.
For example, when product catalogs diverge immediately after a company merger or when the provision of internal offer components is carried out by different service providers. OpenInformer makes it possible to merge products and services into one invoice and furthermore to charge all services automatically among all involved providers. If so requested, OpenInformer can handle the entire billing process, from mediation to dunning. In addition, bill-X has developed the Cross Market Places project, a sales model based on OpenInformer that offers a completely new perspective to intermodal providers, providers of connected services, city markets and tourism providers.


If you have an innovative idea, you should be quick and not spend your valuable time developing basic billing functions.
That’s why we offer you our OpenInformer and ActiveDB software with all basic functions as white label solutions on request. On this basis you can directly start implementing your actual idea without being limited by the system. It doesn’t matter whether your project is primarily in the area of mobility, smart infrastructure, service provider solutions or cross-selling.


Every day, we prove that our 360° billing system optimally meets the high demands of worldwide billing charging processes.
As the number of charging processes continues to rise globally, the systems behind the charging station are also becoming increasingly complex. In order to centralize and standardize billing, renowned companies are already using bill-X billing software. Our partner Digital Charging Solution (DCS) relies on OpenInformer and is thus prepared for the future of the mobility revolution.


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Daniel Kemme is responsible for building the product business at NFT digimates. The startup works with ActiveDB and provides exciting insights into the collaboration in the video.


Data billing in industry: Added value, challenges and opportunities

For industrial companies involved in the evaluation of digital data such as energy consumption and CO2 values, it is essential to have a clear and transparent billing process.

ActiveDB and OpenInformer: The architects of a networked and intelligent smart city

In the era of digitalization, where smart cities are no longer just a concept but an unfolding reality, companies are faced with the challenge of developing innovative business models that keep pace with the dynamics and complexity of urban ecosystems. This is where bill-X’s ActiveDB and OpenInformer come in to offer a transformative solution that not only enables the management of digital twins, but also revolutionizes their monetization.


OpenInformer is all about flexibility and individuality. Here, diverse customer-contract-product relationships are managed in a complex, yet adaptable way. The basis for this is carefully maintained master data and well thought-out hierarchies.


You need an uncomplicated interface and are still looking for a partner? Or is your project rather complex and your plan difficult? In both cases – perfect.

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