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The Osnabrück-based company uni-X started as an Internet service provider and quickly won renowned customers such as Karman, Ihr Platz and Deutsche Bank. However, it became apparent that there was no software for billing the company’s own services. This problem had to be solved. After intensive development work, OpenInformer was finally born – an important software, which today is indispensable for world-famous companies and is constantly being developed further.


From then on, the focus was on software that simplifies the billing of services. The name uni-X was no longer appropriate and had to give way in 2004. This was the birth of bill-X. The company was finally able to prove the applicability of the OpenInformer software. All BMW Connected Drive vehicles worldwide were equipped with complex billing methods to centrally charge for onboard services. A little later, the company Cross Market Places – powered by bill-X technology was founded to offer products using the bill-X software.


So, bill-X again needed an unprecedented tool, for modeling everything imaginable, including their functions. This resulted in ActiveDB, which later became a development tool in its own right for partners such as NFT digimates, Commeo and TwinLink. bill-X built on synergies to use the two tools in complex products. In addition, interfaces to BPSM Tool X4 by softproject were developed. In the future, bill-X plans a development cooperation with EPlan. There will be links of the circuit diagram in EPlan to the digital twin of complex networks in ActiveDB. The goal: The billing of new digital services for companies.


You need an uncomplicated interface and are still looking for a partner? Or is your project rather complex and your plan difficult? In both cases – perfect.

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