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ActiveDB and the AAS: Awakening the Digital Twin through Advanced Functions and Links

Digital twins have established themselves as the critical tool for bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, he said. The key to an effective digital twin is its ability to adapt, scale and interact. This is where ActiveDB comes in, extending the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) to bring the Digital Twin to life for a wide range of applications.

Integration of Advanced Functions

The AAS serves as a solid foundation for rendering digital twins. However, the real magic begins when advanced functionality is added. ActiveDB brings this additional functionality by adding a deeper level of versatility and functionality to the AAS. These enhancements enable organizations to dive deeper into analyzing and monitoring their assets to make better decisions.

Linking digital twins through links

Another revolutionary aspect of ActiveDB is the ability to create dependencies between the different properties of digital twins. This is realized by incorporating links that represent the relationships between different properties of different twins. Such links are essential to understand and optimize complex systems and processes in an enterprise.

Data links: The bridge to real-time information transfer

In the modern Industrie 4.0 environment, real-time availability of data is invaluable. With the integration of data links in ActiveDB, companies can not only access stored information, but also update and share this data in real time. This enables companies to proactively respond to changes and continuously improve the efficiency of their systems.

ActiveDB – The Operating System for the Digital Twin

The combination of the robust structure of AAS – but also other standards like OPC UA, CatenaX etc. – with the extensions and links of ActiveDB opens up a world of possibilities in the field of digital twins for all companies. In this symbiosis, the Digital Twin becomes not only an image of reality, but a living, adaptive and networked system that helps companies to optimize their processes and stay future-proof.

We look forward to meeting you in person at the IDTA Tech Days.

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