We are looking for more partners: Together into the digital future!


In today’s digital era, partnerships are the key to success. They enable companies to drive innovation and actively shape the future. At bill-X, we are looking for strong partners who want to work with us to exploit the potential of digitization.

Why should you become a bill-X partner?

  1. Innovative Solutions
    Our products, ActiveDB and OpenInformer, are absolute innovators in the world of digital twins and data monetization. As our partner, you gain access to these groundbreaking solutions, giving your customers a clear competitive advantage.

  2. Market leadership
    As our partner, you benefit from our many years of expertise and our position as market leader.

  3. Flexible licensing models
    We know that your customers’ requirements are diverse. That’s why we offer flexible licensing models that enable you to provide customized solutions and meet your customers’ individual needs.

  4. Comprehensive support
    As our partner, you get access not only to our best-in-class products, but also to training, resources and technical support. We’re here to help and advise you to ensure you can best support your customers.

Your role as partner:

  • You understand the invaluable value of Digital Twins and data monetization.
  • You help your customers successfully implement ActiveDB and/or OpenInformer.
  • You leverage our flexible licensing models to provide customized solutions.
  • Together we are shaping the digital future!

Together into the digital future: Become our partner!

Digital transformation is unstoppable, and you have the opportunity to be a driving force behind this development. As a bill-X partner, you can help companies realize the full value of their data and create new business models.

We look forward to meeting you in person.



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You need an uncomplicated interface and are still looking for a partner? Or is your project rather complex and your plan difficult? In both cases – perfect.

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