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Customer management from OpenInformer

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OpenInformer is all about flexibility and individuality. Here, diverse customer-contract-product relationships are managed in a complex, yet adaptable way. The basis for this is carefully maintained master data and well thought-out hierarchies.

The special feature here is that everything is interlinked and merges into a seamless whole. This is the secret behind extremely efficient customer management. Discover how OI masters this complexity and enables you to meet your individual needs.


After reading this article you know:

• How does OpenInformer manage complex
   customer-contract-product relationships
• How this results in an efficient customer management with deep hierarchy


Customer management in OpenInformer

Customer management in OI is fundamental for the seamless processing of services and contracts. It is characterized by its extraordinary versatility and flexibility. In the OI system, a service recipient can enter into a main contract, which is the basis for cooperation. But the peculiarity is that this main contract can contain any number of subcontracts for its clients. This approach makes it possible to generate an overall invoice for the service recipient that brings all services together under one roof. At the same time, however, individual invoices can also be generated, including pro forma invoices tailored to the individual requirements and layout of each customer.


Customer - Contract - Product Relationship

OpenInformer works on the basis of a complex “client – contract – product” relationship that covers the full range of business scenarios. Main contracts concluded by a client can contain an unlimited number of subcontracts for customers with different terms. Each client is able to choose its own individual tariff model, which in turn leads to customized billing. This can be structured as a collective invoice or a purchase invoice, depending on the needs and requirements of the client.


Master data and hierarchies

To take full advantage of the versatility and adaptability of the OI system, well-maintained master data is critical. This master data is the building block on which the entire system is built. The system itself is capable of mapping extremely complex and in-depth hierarchies within this master data. This allows different customers to be integrated into different contract contexts, thus ensuring customized customer support.


Structures of master data in OpenInformer

The management of customer data is a central element in the OI system. Here, customer data is assigned to a contract, which acts as a “contract object” and forms the basis for all other functional components of the OI system. The structure and quality of this master data have a direct impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire system. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to carefully maintain and update this data.


Address management in OpenInformer system

A significant aspect of customer management in the OI system is the efficient management of addresses. Customers can store different addresses and address types in the system. This includes the billing address and is assigned to a customer. All contracts of a customer are assigned to an invoice with a central invoice recipient. In addition, a separate shipping address (“delivery type”) can also be stored for each contract. This flexibility allows shipping options to be customized for each contract and ensures customized address management in the system.

In the OI schema, customer data is closely linked to various key components:

  • Contracts
  • Addresses
  • Payment data
  • Invoices
  • CDRs (billing records)
  • Debtor account
  • Documents


These components and relationships within the OI schema are fundamental to efficient customer management and enable tailored support in a variety of contexts.



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