OpenInformer: your future-proof solution for data billing

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In our increasingly connected and digitized world, data has become one of the most valuable assets for businesses. The proper management, analysis and accounting of this data is critical. This is where OpenInformer comes in.


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Extensive experience with proven technology

OpenInformer is not just another billing system on the market. It is the product of years of experience and development by bill-X, a software house dedicated to solving complex data challenges. Throughout its long history, OpenInformer has helped numerous large customers transform and optimize their billing processes in a variety of ways.
and optimize them.


Core flexibility

In a constantly changing business environment, flexibility is invaluable. OpenInformer is designed to integrate seamlessly into various business environments, either as a standalone system or in combination with other tools such as the ActiveDB from bill-X.


Global scalability

OpenInformer is not just for businesses in a specific geographic area. It was developed with the vision of serving global businesses and meeting their billing needs regardless of their size or location. From startups to established large enterprises, OpenInformer scales according to needs.


Prepared for current and future trends

The business world never stays still. With new trends like Monthly Subscription models, businesses need to constantly innovate. OpenInformer is not only equipped for the current trends, but also flexible enough to adapt to future developments.



Choosing the right billing system can make the difference between growth and stagnation. OpenInformer provides not only the technology, but also the expertise and vision businesses need to succeed in the digital era. It’s more than just a billing system – it’s a partner for success in the digital era.

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