The Commeo Energy Control System: Profiting sustainably from the DIGITAL twin

7 min reading time, updated 23.06.2023

In our increasingly digitalized world, digital twin technology offers a transformative solution for energy management.

For this reason, Commeo, a battery system manufacturer based in Wallenhorst, Germany, has developed its Commeo Energy Control System based on ActiveDB. The EC system uses the Asset Administartion Shell to provide companies of all sizes with a powerful and user-friendly platform for energy optimization.


After reading this article, you’ll know:

• How to optimize energy infrastructures and monitor and control their energy flows in real time
• How ActiveDB can serve you as an operating system in this context
• What use cases already exist



The Commeo Energy Control System is a highly functional, flexible and secure energy management solution. It enables companies to optimize their energy infrastructures and monitor and control their energy flows in real time. The EC System leverages Digital Twin technology by creating accurate virtual representations of all physical devices in an energy system. This digital representation makes it possible to monitor and optimize the utilization of each device in the system.


ActiveDB - The heart of the Commeo Energy Control System

The EC system uses bill-X’s ActiveDB technology as its operating system. ActiveDB is an object-based database specifically designed for use with Digital Twins. Each device in the energy system is created as a digital object within ActiveDB, with all its features, interfaces and energy and information flows. ActiveDB allows for easy and fast integration of new devices and functions into the system without the need for programming skills.



The Commeo Energy Control System can be used for a wide range of applications:

Self-consumption optimization:

When there is a surplus of e.g. PV power, the battery system is charged; when the battery is full, the building is supplied with PV power. If only the building needs to be supplied, energy consumption can be reduced by using the battery system when PV power is low.

Peak Shaving:

The EMS sets a maximum power level from the grid and supplies additional required power from the battery system so as not to exceed it, thereby reducing costs.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) / Emergency Power:

In the event of a failure of the main power supply, energy is drawn from a battery system to ensure the operation of a device or to provide sufficient energy for a controlled shutdown.

Booster function for charging stations:

When the power limit of the grid connection is reached, electricity from a battery system is used to support the charging process and extend the available charging power.

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