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The ActiveDB as runtime for the Digital Twin

The ActiveDB digital ecosystem allows partners to use the AAS in a simple and practical way in order to create their own software solutions.

ActiveDB provides the tools for generic reusability and the convenient use of digital twins – from edge devices to multi-cloud solutions.

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After reading this article you will know:

• What is an AAS (Asset Administration Shell)?
• The connection between ActiveDB, object and AAS
• What functions an object has


What is a Digital Twin (AAS)?

The principle of the Digital Twin appears simple: The Digital Twin (Asset Administration Shell | Administration Shell) connects physical
products with the digital world. But for the successful implementation and international dissemination of this core technology of industry 4.0, it requires a common understanding of all stakeholders in industry, associations and research.

The technological basis of the application across all users and manufacturers are the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) and the Digital Twin. The AAS and the associated sub models provide a standardized semantic description of the necessary information. The AAS is an open, technology-independent standard. The structure of the AAS allows
modular extension and thus great scaling possibilities, up to a holistic Digital Product Passport.


What is an Object?

ActiveDB describes and stores complex objects and all relations between them. In addition, and as the asset of ActiveDB, it handles all processes inside and outside the data – regardless of where and when they are executed. ActiveDB is a mixture of graph, document and time series database, additionally enhanced with distributed processes. Processes can be macro, micro or edge functionalities.

An ActiveDB object is an extended asset administration shell.


Object IMPORT | Export

The AAS (Asset Administration Shells) are fully imported, which automatically and completely creates all sub models and kept up to date.

 In addition, regular live updates are performed to ensure actuality. Thanks to Asset Interface Description, devices are automatically connected, monitored and managed. Access to the AAS database is provided via RESTful APIs, allowing easy integration into your environment.

AAS (Asset AAS (Asset AAS (Asset Administration Shells) are kept up-to-date and are provided with live updates. ActiveDB-objects can be exported as AAS, in order to access the data and functions data added to them. This is made possible via Asset Interface Description, which allows an automated connection of the devices. The functionality of the AAS can be monitored and managed in our ActiveDB.

Access to the AAS database is enabled via RESTful APIs which allow easy integration into your environment.



Whether production automation, energy management, master data management, Industry 4.0 or Smart Maintenance – there are no limits to the possible applications.

ActiveDB can be used in a variety of ways, so these are just a few examples. With ever new requirements, ActiveDB is continuously opening up new areas of application that even we did not expect before.

What will be your project with ActiveDB?

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