Consistent calculation of the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of own and purchased products along the entire value chain at any time.

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• How to calculate the carbon footprint
• How to comply with the regulations


Full transparency for sustainability

Every product generates CO2 in the course of production, the emissions of which can be specified and determined. In order to assess the impact in terms of sustainability, the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) is calculated in a comparable way. The AAS creates the possibility for automated exchange and retrieval of PCF information along the various stages in the manufacturing and processing of products. This enables the accurate assessment of the PCF of own and purchased products along the entire supply chain.


Compliance with sustainability regulations

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to slow down climate change is an essential goal of the European Union and industry. This will be accompanied in the foreseeable future by new regulations on the part of the EU as well as carbon pricing and increasing requirements for the sustainability of manufactured products. This also results in the need to determine the carbon footprint of manufactured products PCF) and to provide information on the carbon footprint throughout the entire supply chain. Until now, there has often been no detailed information on the existing carbon footprint of purchased parts and materials up to the point of in-house processing. Information from suppliers often relies on estimates based on databases.


Automated retrieval of PCF information via Administration Shell

The Asset Administration Shell offers the possibility to integrate a sub-model PCF-Data-Connector, which can be used to access the different data ecosystems for automated sharing of PCF information. This achieves interoperability of different data ecosystems and PCF calculation methods. The Asset Administration Shell is also the basis of the Digital Identification, which is supplemented with further product information and thus leads to the Digital Product Passport.



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