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our collaboration in the industrial metaverse: Your future of coworking

As the operating system for digital twins, our ActiveDB is at the heart of a groundbreaking technology that is revolutionizing the way we understand, plan and optimize machines and processes. In an era where the boundaries between the physical world and the digital space are increasingly blurred, the digital twin has the potential to increase business efficiency and performance in many ways.

From the development phase to production and maintenance, the digital twin provides a real representation of machines and systems in a virtual environment – a bridge between the real world and the metaverse.


After reading this article, you’ll know:

• How to perform sophisticated system integrations
• How tedious work processes can be simplified
• How further optimizations can support production in the long term



The further development of the digital twin is driven by innovative operating systems such as our ActiveDB. The seamless integration of ActiveDB as the operating system for the digital twin opens up new horizons in terms of efficiency and functionality. Our ActiveDB enables continuous expansion and updating of the digital twin throughout the product lifecycle.

This advanced technology forms the basis for the accurate representation of the real machine in a digital environment, which in turn enables more precise development, planning and training.


Development and planning

Already in the development and planning phase, the digital twin in combination with our ActiveDB opens up new horizons. The ability to simulate machines and systems cost-efficiently and without risks in a digital test environment enables rapid adjustments and optimizations.

This not only saves financial resources, but also minimizes risks that could occur during real tests. The flexibility offered by the digital twin in combination with our ActiveDB revolutionizes the development process and helps engineers find innovative solutions before physical prototypes are even built.


Commissioning training

But the digital twin in conjunction with our ActiveDB is not limited to the development phase. It extends to commissioning and staff training.

Here, it removes the need for a physical machine presence by creating a virtual training environment. Not only does this save a tremendous amount of money and time by minimizing travel and materials, but it also enables a deep understanding of the machine before it even exists in the physical world.


Real-time monitoring & production data tracking

Another strength of the digital twin in conjunction with our ActiveDB is the real-time monitoring of machines.Real-time monitoring allows deviations and errors to be detected immediately, resulting in faster response times and less downtime.In addition, the digital twin continuously collects production data that is used to optimize processes and identify trends.

These data-driven insights combined with our ActiveDB create a solid foundation for informed decisions and process improvements.


Predictive/Smart Maintenance

The digital twin in conjunction with our ActiveDB also has the potential to revolutionize machine maintenance. Predictive maintenance can accurately predict the condition of a machine, optimizing scheduled maintenance and minimizing unplanned downtime. This not only leads to significant cost savings, but also extends the service life of machines.


Augmented Reality

A fascinating step into the future is the integration of augmented reality (AR) into the world of the digital twin in conjunction with our ActiveDB. This technology augments the user’s real environment by directly overlaying digital information and representations. This enables immersive training, commissioning and maintenance processes by putting interactive instructions and data right in front of users. Complex tasks are simplified and troubleshooting is accelerated as visual cues facilitate problem identification.



Overall, the digital twin combined with our ActiveDB pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the industrial world. From virtual development and training without a physical presence to seamless real-time monitoring and maintenance, this innovative combination enables companies to optimize processes, increase efficiency and drive innovation – all in a seamless marriage of the virtual and real worlds.

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