The power of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) in ActiveDB

The power of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) in ActiveDB 7 min reading time, updated 23.06.2023 Industry 4.0 has spawned a variety of technologies and concepts, of which the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) is one of the key innovations. This “administration shell” serves as a standardized representation for industrial assets in digital ecosystems, and its […]

Meet us at Tech Days!

we will visit the IDTA tech days on September 14 & 15, 2023 in Frankfurt! Feel free to contact us! ActiveDB and the AAS: Awakening the Digital Twin through Advanced Functions and Links Digital twins have established themselves as the critical tool for bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, he said. The […]


Data billing in industry: Added value, challenge and opportunities 7 min reading time, updated 11.09.2023 Digitalization has profoundly changed the way companies work and do business. One of these changes is reflected in the increasing importance of transparency in data billing. For industrial companies involved in the assessment of digital data such as energy consumption […]

Industrial Metaverse

OUR COLLABORATION IN THE INDUSTRIAL METAVERSE: YOUR FUTURE OF COWORKING 7 min reading time, updated 17.08.2023 As the operating system for digital twins, our ActiveDB is at the heart of a groundbreaking technology that is revolutionizing the way we understand, plan and optimize machines and processes. In an era where the boundaries between the physical […]


SUCCESS STORY Energy management simple and effective Keyfacts SOFTWARE USED ActiveDB Functions ActiveDB as the basis of the Commeo energy management system Use of digital twins of all participants of an energy system Use of control logics for self-consumption optimization, emergency power supply, peak shaving, etc. Cross-interface import and export of all necessary data from […]


The Commeo Energy Control System: Profiting sustainably from the DIGITAL twin 7 min reading time, updated 23.06.2023 In our increasingly digitalized world, digital twin technology offers a transformative solution for energy management. For this reason, Commeo, a battery system manufacturer based in Wallenhorst, Germany, has developed its Commeo Energy Control System based on ActiveDB. The […]


Transparency through standardized data models Transparency about the energy consumption of a production is automatically, without engineering effort made possible due to a partial model.


COLLABORATIVE CONDITION MONITORING Daten aus dem Lebenszyklus ermöglichen optimierte Services und Rückschlüsse aus dem realen Einsatz. 7 min Lesezeit, aktualisiert am 06.06.2023 Inhalt Sharing data as win-win AAS enables Cross-Vendor data exchange and reduces data engineering efforts After reading this article you will know: • How the reliability and service life of machines and components […]