The “everything is possible, nothing is necessary” philosophy

With bill-X you have all opportunities to challenge highly demanding projects when it comes to billing solutions .Huge amounts of data? We stay relaxed. Complex environment? We love complexity. A variety of different systems? The more, the better. We call this: billing solutions without limit. Because let's face it: Who likes to stick to limits?

How it works? Quickly. Because, among other things, we reach speed due to the strictly modular design of our software. This results into two advantages: On one hand, we are able to respond to individual customer requirements in a highly flexible way through the entire application without restrictions and without continually reinventing the wheel. On the other hand, we can, entirely in line with continuous delivery, provide constant strategic development of all products. After all, you do not want to invest in a product today which yet again tomorrow turns into a product of yesterday.

Last but not least, we follow the maxime "Never change a winning team." Therefore, If you need a third system to your existing two already properly working systems, we will not sell you an all-in one solution – unless this explicitly asked for. Instead, we develop a customized component on the basis of the OpenInformer cores that fits seamlessly into your system landscape. That way, existing gaps can be closed and you can continue using your existing efficient processes.

Short Facts

Orientation: Software Supplier

Competence: Billing Systems, Process –Management

Target Group: Corporations, IoT-Engineers, Developer

Experience: Knowhow since 1996

Location: Osnabrück

Employees: 28 FTE

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